Longara (Sezze)

Longara (Sezze)

Chronology: MBA
UTM WGS84 33N: 341153E 4599203N

Few ceramic sherds have been found in the sixties, in the northern part of the Suso Valley, in Longara (Zaccheo & Pasquali 1972). They have been dated to MBA (Rosini 1996a).  Some connection can be hypothesized with the Vittorio Vecchi Cave, that is only 750 meters away.



Zaccheo, L. & F. Pasquali, 1972. Sezze dalla preistoria all’età romana. Sezze
Rosini, L., 1996a. Longara, in Repertorio dei siti protostorici del Lazio - provincie di Rieti e Latina, a c. di C. Belardelli & P. Pascucci, 63–64

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